Routine Core Analysis


Routine core analysis was established since 1978, we’ve done for all oil companys in Vietnam with main services such as:
– Core Plug Distillation
– Dean-Stark Water Saturation
– Grain density
– Air permeability
– Overburden and Ambient Porosity and Permeability measurement
– Core handling and transporting on field
– Core CT Scanning
– Core Gamma
– Core Slabbing and Plugging
– WL and UV Photography.


– Synchonized modern system is located at Block E2B-5, D1 street, Saigon Hi-Tech park, Tan Phu ward, district 9, Ho Chi Minh city.
– Specialization equipments perform on testing like as Gamma-ray logging, Slab and Plug machine, Grinding, Photography, CT Scanning, Dean-Stark system, Soxhlet distillation system, Ovens, Analytic balance, Grain density and Porosity equipment, Permeability measurement by Unsteady and Steady methods.
– All of system and equipment were audited calibrated periodically and the performance followed by ATSM.


We have performed on all reservoir subjects like sediment, clastic, granite, or carbonate and provided accuracy and on-time data for clients.
We provide RCA services for:
– International Oil company: Exxonmobil, Idemitsu, JVPC, ENI, Talisman, Repsol, Murphy Oil, Vietgazprom, Rosneft, Petronas, Shell, Total, …
– Domestic Oil company: BienDong POC, HLHV POC, ThangLong POC, PVEP POC, CuuLong JOC, …



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