Doctoral Program in Chemical Engineering


The Doctoral program in Chemical Engineering at VPI has got license from the Ministry of Education and Training since 2017. Main research directions are:
– Development of advanced technologies for oil and gas treating and processing
– Optimization of refineries and petrochemical plants’ operation
– Development of alternative and renewable fuels
– Salt sedimentation, injection-induced corrosion, incompatibility, paraffin scaling, and rheological properties of crude oil during its exploitation, transportation and storage
– Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) by chemical methods
– Contaminated oil treatment
– Development of catalysts, additives, chemicals and other advanced materials for oil and gas industries.


Annually, VPI grants scholarships for qualified PhD students. The grants are based on the assessment of the Selection Panel and VPI research priorities in a specific period. For 2020 – 2025, the following research directions in Chemical Engineering Doctoral Program are prioritized:
– Conversion of CO2-rich natural gas into chemicals and clean fuels
– Synthesis of nano-carbon materials from CO2-rich natural gas and development of their applications
– Corrosion mechanism under scaling in oil and gas gathering and transportation pipelines
– The effects of H2S and CO2 on stress corrosion in petroleum constructions.


– Lecturers and research advisors are experts from industry, VPI and other domestic and international research institutes, academia;
– Up-to-date professional software;
– Well-equipped laboratories;
– Valuable R&P database;
– Modern training facilities in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.


Mr. Minh Châu-Khiếu
Mobile: 0909656998