Doctoral Program in Petroleum Engineering


The Doctoral program in Petroleum Engineering at VPI has got license from the Ministry of Education and Training since 2012. Main research directions are:
– Geodynamics, regional structure and tectonics
– Depositional environment, paleo-facies, petroleum system modeling
– Special seismic data processing
– Combination of methods for geophysical and geological data processing, analysis and interpretation for specific geological problems
– Production engineering, production simulation and optimization.


Annually, VPI grants scholarships for qualified PhD students. Scholarships are granted based on assessment of the Selection Panel and depending on VPI research priorities in a specific period.
For 2020 – 2025, the following research in Petroleum Engineering Doctoral Program are of priority:
– Advanced EOR with technology 4.0 applications
– Field production optimization with technology 4.0 application
– IOR/EOR with application to specific targets in Vietnam
– Integrated geophysical and geological data processing, analysis and interpretation for petroleum exploration and production.


Since 2013, 2 PhD students successfully defended their thesis in 2019, 10 other continuing education.
The defended thesis found to have high scientific and practical values according to the assessment by evaluation committees.


– Lecturers and research advisors are experts from VPI, industry and other domestic and international research institutes, academia
– Up-to-date professional software
– Well-equipped laboratories
– Valuable E&P database
– Modern training facilities in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.



Mr. Minh Châu-Khiếu
Mobile: 0909656998