Training in Economic – Management – Legal – Commerce


Oil and gas industry has own characteristics of its business, in terms of public management, regulatory frameworks, international integration, associated risks, scale of investment, the ways of conducting projects, doing business, etc.
Thanks to more than 40 years experiences of research and consultancy to the industry, instructors of VPI’s network could incorporate these special characteristics in the common theory of energy economics and management so that its economics and management programs could be totally distinct from all others.
VPI-designed courses not only provide up-to-date knowledge but also update on regulations, international trends and best practices, helping trainees to improve their working skills and problem solving abilities.
VPI provide both public and customized courses, from basic to advanced levels.


– Wide network of instructors from industry, VPI and other domestic and international training organizations, academia, consulting companies
– Up-to-date professional software
– Modern training facilities in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.


VPI provides hundreds of training courses every year, nearly half of which are on economic, managerial, legal, commercial topics.
Some well-designed courses that were highly appreciated by industry clients are:
– Portfolio management in oil and gas industry
– Oil and gas contracts and economic evaluation of upstream investment projects
– Application of risk simulation modeling for the oil and gas industry
– Data analysis and forecasting
– Commercial contracts: dispute resolution
– Risk management and internal control by COSO
– Strategy management and deployment by BSC and KPI
– Competency-based human resources management system.



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