Rock Mechanic Services


Rock mechanic services were deployed since 2014, including main ones: Point Load Strength test, Unconfined Compressive Strength test, Triaxial Compression Strength test, Thick Wall Cylinder test.
These tests tend to point out mechanical index such as: rock strength, Poisson’s ratio, Young modulus, Mohr-Colomb circle, … that help setting up drilling and production mechanism parameters, avoid risky, failure. Services did on various reservoirs, specialize on clastic, shale.


– Synchonized modern system is located at Block E2B-5, D1 street, Saigon Hi-Tech park, Tan Phu ward, district 9, Ho Chi Minh city.
– Specialization equipments perform on testing like as high pressure Hoek cell, Loading frame, high accuracy LVDT, Automated high pressure pump system, Controlling and channel recording system, Point Load equipment, Sample processing system.
– All of system and equipment were audited calibrated periodically and the performance followed by ATSM and ISRM.


VPI provide rock mechanic services for:
– International Oil company: Murphy Oil, Vietgazprom, Rosneft, …
– Domestic Oil company: BienDong POC, HLHV POC, ThangLong POC, PVEP POC, …
Analyze on various reservoirs: Carbonate, Clastic, Shale, … from weak formation to highly stiffness ones.



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