Petroleum Products Testing & Analysis


VPI provide tests and analysis services according to ASTM, ISO, UOP, TCVN, GOST and other recognized standards for following products:
– Refined petroleum products (gasoline, diesel oil, jet fuel, fuel oils, …);
– Lubricant, transformer oils, hydraulic oils, …;
– Other hydrocarbon chemicals.


Experts and experienced manpower in the field of testing, specialized analysis for crude oil and petroleum products.
Well equiped laboratory, accredited following VILAS 17025 standards.
– Density (ASTM D1298, D4052, by Pycnometer);
– Ash Content (ASTM D482);
– Pour Point (ASTM D97, D5853);
– Carbon Residue (ASTM D189);
– Hydrocarbon Group (ASTM D6730);
– Flash Point (ASTM D56/D92/D93);
– Viscosity (ASTM D445);
– Mercury Content (UOP938);
– Nickel, Vanadium Content (ASTM D 5708);
– SARA (ASTM D1319-D2007);
– Distillation (ASTM D86);
and others


More than 40 years of experience, in providing tests and analysis for refineries, oil and gas production companies in Vietnam (Vietsovpetro, JOCs, POCs), crude oil, lubricant trading companies.



Mr. Anh Nguyen-Huynh (PhD)
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