Sample Testing for Flow Assurance Study


Flow Assurance Study is very important for oil and gas production process.
VPI can provide sample analysis for flow assurance study for oil and gas production process.
Sample analysis for flow assurance study:
– Pour Point (ASTM D97/D5853);
– Wax Content (UOP A46);
– Wax Deposition Rate (by Cold Finger);
– Wax hydrocarbon composition (by HTGC);
– Wax Appearance Temperature/Wax Disappearance Temperature (by DSC);
– Dynamic Viscosity (by Rotating Viscometer/Rheometer);
– Gel Strength/Yield Stress (by Restart Pressure Loop);
Bottle Test for chemical screening and evaluation.


Experts and experienced manpower in the field of testing, specialized analysis for sample testing for flow assurance study.
– Pipeline Restart Loop (PSL Intruments Systemtechnik GmbH);
– Wax Appearance Temperature Testing Equipment (DSC – TA Instruments Q2000).


We have successfully provided sample analysis for flow assurance studies of several projects in Vietnam, include: PVEP, PVEP POC, HLHV JOC, JVPC…



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