Crude Oil Assay


Crude oil assay testing includes crude oil characterization of whole crude oils and the boiling-range fractions produced from True boiling point (TPB) distillation. Crude oil assay is used by our customers for detailed refinery engineering or crude oil marketing and trading. The data from crude oil assay may help refineries optimize their refinery processes.
Atmospheric and vacuum distillations, according to ASTM D2892 and ASTM D5236, produces distillate fractions and residual bottoms, which are similar to the actual refining process. Crude oil general properties analysis produces data including sulfur content, nitrogen content, viscosity measurements, cold property measurements and metals content. Distillate fractions and residual bottoms are also being analyzed to provide their detailed physico-chemical properties data. Detailed hydrocarbon analysis of crude oil off-gas is also run.
Depending upon crude oil type and customer requirements, crude oil assays can vary in depth and complexity (basic, mini, intermediate, detailed).


Experts and experienced manpower in the field of testing, specialized analysis for crude oil and petroleum products.
Well equiped laboratory, accredited following VILAS 17025 standards.


In more than 40 years of experience, we have successfully provided dozens of crude assays for refineries, oil and gas production companies in Vietnam (Vietsovpetro, JOCs, POCs), crude oil trading companies.
We have been proudly assigned by Petrovietnam to built the Database of Vietnam crude oils and condensates detail characteristics and carry out the detail crude assays annually for new crude oil and condensate samples.



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