Lab Tech Manpower


Crude oil and Petroleum products laboratory provide technical skilled chemists for short-term or long-term job offshore.
Our staff take responsibility for operation of site based offshore laboratory by performing chemical, biological, physical tests for various samples of offshore platforms, FPSO such as crude oil, gas, produced water, injection water, diesel, …
We supplies of chemicals, spares, consumables and store stock.


Experts and experienced manpower in the field of testing, specialized analysis for crude oil and petroleum products.
Our staff also can provide sampling jobs on offshore platforms, quick testing for H2S content, Hg content, …


Our staff have been working as lab-tech in offshore laboratories for CuuLong JOC from 2009
We carried on offshore short-term jobs for several production companies in Vietnam, including CLJOC, HLHV JOC, PVEP POC, JVPC, LSJOC, etc.



Mr. Anh Nguyen-Huynh (PhD)
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Tel: + 84 28 3556 6129/Ext. 5657
Fax: + 84 28 3620 8825